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Hi! We’re Convert Experts, a team of dedicated, data-driven, detail-oriented Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) experts.

​We specialize in implementing highly customized, informed optimization programs to help improve your website’s performance.

Our Formula

Our carefully devised Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) formula involves testing, measuring, and analyzing all the important elements of your site, then suggesting changes — backed by data — to help you improve conversions, generate more leads, make more money, and lift sales. We help you by:


  Suggesting the best ways to optimize your site, informed by website audits and A/B testing.

✓  Detecting and removing the friction points on your site that are stopping your customers from converting.

  Ensuring your site continues to perform well as your customers’ needs evolve.

  Creating ways to optimize your website — bringing you more leads, revenue, sales, and profit.


 Ensuring your Google Analytics (or other analytics platforms) are optimally set-up so you can get the most useful data output.

✓  Developing surveys, questionnaires, and UX studies to help you understand your audience — and what makes them convert.

   Creating an optimal user experience and implementing the highest converting changes on your website.


 Delivering customized information sessions and courses to help you better understand how to effectively optimize your site.

  Creating customized seminars to help you, or your team, overcome any conversion barriers.

✓   Sharing knowledge about CRO and A/B testing to help you understand how to get the most leads and revenue out your website.


 Creating customized eBooks and or case studies to showcase your organization and its achievements.

 Crafting creative copy for your website that best matches your users and their needs, motivating your visitors to convert.


Wouldn’t you like to get more leads, sales, and profit out of your website?

    Yes, optimize my website!

About Us

Founder & CEO of CRO

Deborah O’Malley, M.Sc., Google Analytics Certified

Founder and CEO, Deborah O’Malley, holds a master’s of science (M.Sc.) degree with a specialization in eye tracking technology and is Google Analytics certified.

Deborah unknowingly ran her first optimization study at the tender age of 8 when, for her grade school science experiment, she cut out different shapes and colors of construction paper, posted them on a board, and asked people which version they saw first.

Fast forward many years later, Deborah pursued a master’s of science degree, specializing in eye tracking technology. Her research work looked at behavioral economic and marketing psychology principles, gauging the best way to create messages to increase attention and recall. Her findings have been published in six prestigious peer-reviewed journals and are a source inspiration for many digital marketers, worldwide.

Today, Deborah applies her specialized skillset to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B. She’s founded the go-to A/B test case study resource website, GuessTheTest and has produced, analyzed, and published hundreds of client A/B test case studies.

Through this experience, she’s gained a rich and unique perspective on what works and doesn’t in CRO and A/B testing.

Her specialized knowledge, combined with her analytical nature, and keen design sense — backed by a certificate in graphic design and informed by eye tracking research — give her the unique ability to adeptly analyze websites and shrewdly suggest ways to optimize them.

A bit of a self-admitted “data nerd,” she gets really excited about measuring and analyzing the data, putting her knowledge into practice, and implementing changes that create real conversion impact — helping her clients get more leads and make more money.

When not optimize websites, she’s out speaking on the subject, in the kitchen making homemade fudge, or burning it off at the gym.

Preferred Partner – Google Analytics 

Doug McCaffrey, Google Analytics & AdWords Specialist

With formal education and career experience in the discipline of marketing, and a love for technology, Doug dove into the deep end of web analytics and digital marketing at the turn of the millennium. He helped a local tech company compete on the world stage against large venture-capital-rich companies from Silicon Valley. They fought for, and earned, a decent share of the marketplace.
Doug specializes in Google marketing technology. He’s both Google Analytics certified and Google AdWords certified, which means he’s passed multiple exams over the years that assess his expertise. As a result Google recognizes him as a certified professional.
Furthermore, having demonstrated to Google that his business is healthy, his clients are happy, and that he follows Google best practices, he’s also earned the title of Google Partner.
His mission is to provide his valued clients with the quality of strategy and skilled implementation usually associated with hiring an experienced specialist full-time, but to provide it at a level of engagement that best suits the client’s present-day needs.

Preferred Partner – Web Design & Development 

Patrick Villemaire, President, Blue Eclipse Inc.

Beautifully Designed Custom Websites

Blue Eclipse builds strategic websites based on your business goals. We will build you a professional website that is reflection of your business.

We provide custom Drupal and WordPress solutions to meet your needs. We will work with you to define your goals and requirements in order to build a custom, scalable solution for your business. We have expertise in creating both enterprise solutions and solutions for small businesses. Blue Eclipse is a 100% Canadian Company whose passion is helping small and mid-sized businesses succeed.