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Set-up of Google Analytics and an in-depth “health check” to ensure you’re capturing and tracking everything you can about your web visitors’ and their behavior.

Ensuring your analytics account is properly set-up is a crucial step in gathering key information about your users and how they’re behaving on your website.

Proper set-up will give you a clearer picture of your site’s performance and enables you to establish baseline conversion metrics so you can accurately assess future growth.

You may already be gathering some analytics data. Or, may need to completely start from scratch. Either way, Convert Experts will work with you to ensure your properly tracking and monitoring all that you can to get the most insight out of your website data.


We start by conducting a “health check” on your Google Analytics account to assess what you’re tracking and what your not.

Following industry-standard best practices, we ensure aspects like:

✓ Your analytics set-up contains a master and filtered views

✓ You’re correctly blocking internal IP addresses

 Your naming conventions are optimal

 You’re appropriately tracking search and referral traffic

Where necessary, we:

 Set-up revenue tracking and conversion goals

 Enable eCommerce tracking

 Generate conversion funnel reports

 Integrate Google AdWords campaigns

 Install Google Search Console

  Set-up A/B test tracking scripts

 ✓ Other integrations and functions, as necessary

What You Get: In addition to an optimized analytics set-up, you’ll also receive a concise written report detailing what was set-up and how you can track these metrics in the future. Where applicable, baseline metrics will be given to you so that you can continue to monitor incoming and future growth.


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