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Insightful analysis of your users and their experience on your site, providing suggestions to easily facilitate important top tasks to optimize conversions.

A User eXperience (UX) study involve observing your users’ behaviors and actions to collect real-time feedback while visitors navigate through your website.

A UX study can help decode your web visitors’ needs, attitudes, behaviors, and why they’re making certain decisions on your site.

As a result, a UX study can speed up the web development process, reduce redesign costs, and increase user satisfaction.

When applied in tandem with quantitative analytics data, a UX study can be a powerful tool to help inform web decisions, contributing to a highly optimized site.


  • Convert Experts’ staff start the UX process by facilitating moderated usability interviews with a specially selected, representative panel of web users.
  • Typically, UX testing takes place through remote conferencing software, but can also be done in-person.
  • During each interview, participants are asked to complete specific “top tasks” on the your site. They’re also asked structured questions about your website.
  • During this time, Convert Experts listens to and observes each user, recording notes on the user’s comments, activity, and behavior.
  • Analysis is then done to decode trends and issues observed from the usability sessions.

What You Get: You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your website, compiled into an informative, revealing research report.

The report will detail how users feel about the website. It will also identify any potential usability problems impeding users from converting and state what elements can be improved to optimize the user experience on your site.


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