Body ‘N’ Bloom Case Study

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The Company

Body ‘N’ Bloom

Body ‘N’ Bloom is a top-rated laser hair removal and aesthetics clinic, with state-of-the-art equipment, and exceptional service. Looking to optimize their website, to get more clients, they turned to ConvertExperts.

The Challenge

While Body ‘N’ Body was well known for their exceptional service, they had very few reviews and testimonials listed on their website. However, a quick scan of their Facebook page, showed customers thought very highly of their services. One challenge was finding an effective, and authentic, way to integrate all the excellent customer reviews on to the website.

Additionally, Body ‘N’ Bloom’s original website didn’t give customers a clear Call To Action (CTA), or easy way to book an appointment. Another important challenge was finding a way to optimize the website – without changing a lot of the existing site – to increase engagement and appointment bookings.

The Solution

ConvertExperts conducted an in-depth conversion analysis.

Using Google Analytics, along with other available analytics data, attention was focused on determining:

  • What was currently working well on the site
  • What elements needed to be improved
  • Areas for optimization, to increase appointment bookings

One of the major, and most obvious elements, that came out of the assessment was the fact that the original hero image section had no specific CTA.

Original Hero Image – No CTA

It was, therefore, recommended the hero image be revised, adding a bright, bold, high-contrast CTA button, encouraging leads to book their free consultation. A wireframe was created, showing how the hero image should look. This version was implemented on the site:

Revised hero image – With CTA

Additionally, it was recommended testimonials be integrated from Facebook, onto the website.

Several other smaller recommendations were also made and compiled into an in-depth report, given to the client, alongside a web developer guide, so the web developer working on the project could easily make all updates.

The Result

+22.98% increase in appointment bookings!

In the year between when the analytics assessment was conducted, and changes implemented on the site, booking conversions have markedly improved!

Compared to the same time period a year ago, completed bookings have increased 22.98%, from a conversion rate of 3.15% to a new conversion rate of 3.88%.

In addition, 2.39% fewer leads have abandoned the booking form.

It’s interesting to note that Contact Us submissions has markedly decreased over this same time period. At first glance, it would appear the 58.33% drop in Contact Us submission is a negative outcome.

However, in actuality, what it shows is that fewer people need to use the contact form to find out answers to straight-forward questions, like how to book an appointment.

As a result, Body ‘N’ Bloom is now enjoying a blooming business, where leads easily book online, and happy repeat customers recommend the service to friends.

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