Paramount Nursery Case Study

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The Company

Paramount Nursery

Paramount Nursery is an innovative online garden supplies retailer that delivers plants and shrubs directly to your door.

While business was blooming, Paramount turned to ConvertExperts to optimize their online storefront and maximize conversions.

The Challenge

Although Paramount Nursery has a very unique business model – delivering physical plants and shrubs to customers doors – the website didn’t effectively convey what Paramount was, or did.

The original hero image section of the website had no value proposition, no Call To Action (CTA), and no explainer text. Customers were left to figure out what the company did, and how to order plants.

Additionally, the inventory selector system was difficult to use, and placing an online order was cumbersome.

On top of all those issues, the checkout process was very user unfriendly, limiting the number of people who persisted through all the technical issues to place an online order.

To help remedy these issues, Paramount Nurserys turned to ConvertExperts, after ConvertExperts was recommended to them from a local Google Marketing Expert, Doug McCaffrey.

The Solution

ConvertExperts conducted an in-depth conversion analysis.

Using Google Analytics, along with other available analytics data, attention was focused on determining what was currently working well on the site, what elements needed to be improved, and areas for optimization, to increase online sales and revenue.

Optimize the Hero Image Section

One obvious element that came out of the assessment was the fact that the original hero image section used a slider – which is a known conversion killer — had no specific CTA, and didn’t clear explain the company’s unique value proposition.

Original Hero Image – A slider with no CTA or value proposition

It was, therefore, recommended the hero image be revised by removing the slider and instead choosing an appealing and captivating image, adding a short section explaining what Paramount Nursery offers, and adding a bright, bold “Shop” CTA button, encouraging browsers to become buys. A wireframe was created, showing how the hero image should look. This version was implemented on the site:

Revised hero image – With value proposition and CTA

Optimize the Product Selection System

Additionally, it was recommended the product selection system be changed so users didn’t need to scroll through pages and pages of products, aimlessly looking for plants that they wanted.

Originally, there was no easy way for users to find specific products. They had to click through each page to see if the image appealed to them:

Original Product Selection System – Users needed to click through hundreds of products

ConvertExperts suggested a product search and filter system so that users could easily select by product category and filter to their specific needs from there. With over 1000 plants to choose from, it was highly beneficial to add a product filtering system right on the homepage. It looked like this:

Revised Product Selection System – Users simply needed to filter by product category

Optimized Cart and Checkout Pages

Additionally, ConvertExperts applied in-depth knowledge to optimize the cart page and checkout process.

The cart page was reformatted, and reviews were added below, to increase buyer confidence and the sense of social proof.

Revised Cart Page

The Checkout page was also optimized so the form fields flowed in a more linear fashion and were quicker and easier for the user to complete

The Result

+132.93% increase in revenue

+39.89% increase in eCommerce conversion rate

+ 176.33% increase in transactions

Looking at year-over-year results, between when the analytics assessment was conducted, and changes implemented on the site, conversions have markedly increased!

Compared to the same time period a year ago, revenue has soared 132.93%!

With increased revenue, eCommerce conversions have skyrocketed an astounding 39.89%.

At the same time, transactions have, not surprisingly, risen 176.33%.

As a result, Paramount Nursery is now enjoying a blooming business and has been able to expand their business model to several Eastern Canadian locations, offering not only seasonal summer plants, but also winter merchandise, as well.

Customers can now come to the site, easily find specific products or interest, checkout, and complete the transaction with ease and satisfaction. With an optimized website, Paramount Nursery is one step closer to making money grow on trees.

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